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Publications and Reports

Parliamentary Inquiry into the impact of Defence training activities and facilities on rural and regional communities

RDA Far North is preparing a submission into an Inquiry into the impact of Defence training activities and facilities on rural and regional communities.  More information on this inquiry can be found at http://www.aph.gov.au/Parliamentary_Business/Committees/Senate/Foreign_Affairs_Defence_and_Trade/Defencetraining

As per the terms of reference we are gathering information on impacts on the community of Port Augusta in relation to :

  • economic impacts
  • utilisation of local suppliers and service providers
  • awareness of tendering opportunities
  • consultation and communication with local government and community organisations
  • investments in new facilities, infrastructure and operations

To try and capture the real impact of Defence activities at Cultana training facility we have compiled a survey which we would appreciate your participation in.  It takes about 5-10 minutes to complete and will close 5pm on Monday 17 April 2017.

Please click this link to access the survey https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/5222MBS

It is important to note that reporting of information from this survey will not identify individual businesses or persons with any personal information provided being strictly confidential.

Your participation in this survey is important as it enables us to report against the effectiveness of past processes and approaches and will assist in changes being made to future ones.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to complete the survey.


Far North and Outback SA Climate Change Adaptation Plan

RDAFN, Outback Communtities Authority and the South Australian Arid Lands Natural Resource Management Board presents this Far North and Outback SA Climate Change Adaptation Plan.

This plan was developed with input form key decision-makers in the many complex and diverse sectors that make up our Region. While it provides the basis for more targeted work by key sectors, it also signals that there are actions we can begin working on together, whether in relation to infrastructure, labour and skills, business development, communication or environment and land management.

Far North and Outback SA Climate Change Adaptation Report Far North and Outback SA Climate Change Adaptation Report (5824 KB)

Economic Growth and Investment Strategy 

The strategies identify key areas, projects or activities which will have immediate, medium and long term benefits for the City/Outback and informs a targeted and strategic approach to facilitate change towards a prosperous future of the town and outback. To download click on the EGIS below - 

Regional Roadmap 

As part of our Commonwealth funding requirements all Regional Development Australia Boards were required to develop a Regional Roadmap, which describes the selected region, its attributes, industry and employment base and key advantages. The Roadmap sets out the economic, environmental and social vision for the region, articulates the drivers of change, identifies strengths, weaknesses and opportunities, and lists priorities for action.  

The RDAFN Regional Roadmap was developed in-house utilising the existing skills of Board staff, existing Board documents and consultation with Stakeholders and Communities in the region.

For more information please view our Regional Roadmap  

Business Plan

RDAFN undertakes an annual planning process which includes consultation with stakeholders, Board Members, Staff, relevant Government Departments and other leading industry representatives. From this planning process RDAFN produces an action plan which includes projects/priorities that are both long and short term. The annual action plan includes where applicable details of infrastructure projects and priorities for the region.

The Business Plan is a working document that drives actions and operational functions for Officers of RDAFN.  RDAFN Project Officer’s schedule their activities around the key points of the Business Plan and are required to report their progress accordingly.

For more information please view our Business Plan